About Us

Morgan Gallant Profile Picture

Morgan Gallant

Coffee Enthusiast

Morgan manages the technical infastructure and systems behind all Nameless projects. He is very good at designing infastructure which crashes and burns in production, and is also very talented at writing segfaults.
Nirosh Ratnarajah Profile Picture

Nirosh Ratnarajah

Probably OCD

Nirosh manages the finances and runs all the Nameless companies. He is terrible at composing emails, and still goes home every weekend to get his mom to do his laundry. We don't think the company could be in better hands.
Mitchell Booth Profile Picture

Mitchell Booth

Chief Rule Breaker

Mitchell does a little bit of everything, just not very well. He thinks that he can apply the same philosophies he learned from hockey fights to building software companies... we're still waiting to see how that turns out.